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Learn how to master your psychology and become a profitable trader

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When most people start the journey to learn how to become a more profitable trader, they focus on the market, and it can often feel like it is You vs The Market.  In reality, and as your knowledge broadens through our comprehensive training, you will have the break through that will set you free.  That breakthrough for many is the realisation that trading and investing success is You vs You!

This Tier 2 program is designed to give you the key, practical techniques and strategies to keep you on track, making objective, unemotional and confident trading decisions, helping you gain the consistency that traders crave.

If you have ever struggled to hit the buy or sell button, doubted yourself or felt negative toward your trading and investing decisions this course is for you.  The is no waffle, no padding, just straight to the point, time tested, proved techniques that professional traders use to win the game, not just today but most of the time.  Trading Psychology – Mindset Mastery will be one of the most significant learning journeys you will go on, in the World of Trading and Investing.






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This program will give you the day to day process and habits to become a consistent, non-emotional trader that doesn’t experience stress, anxiety, impulsiveness nor procrastination.  Becoming ninja like in your approach will help eliminate the traps that catch out so many wannabee investors and traders who only focus on the trading analysis rather than their ability to apply the process consistently – this is the game changer!

Session Introduction
Understanding Human Needs
The Right kind of goals
Personal Maintenance
Record Keeping Overview
Record keeping SPREADSHEET
Record Keeping – Your Safety Belt
Record Keeping – Advanced Analysis
Enhancing Trader Performance
Journaling for Day Traders
Managing You
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Confirmation of your ability to trade and earn money from it!

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