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ETF Ultimate Investor provides one of the best structures for successfully building an investment portfolio, you’ll find out there.  Drawing on 30 plus years of professional trading experience, this course provides a full knowledge base on Exchange Traded Funds and how to target the type of returns you are looking for.

Layering up the benefits while addressing the weaknesses of the ETF world, this course will provide you the knowledge, confidence and skills to take your investing to the next level, whether you’re brand new or if you are an experienced investor.

Specifically Pro Trader University’s Solar System Model for building your future will enable you to generate better risk adjusted profits as well as “zero in” on a variety of special situation, helping you cash in, time and time again. 






of interactive learning


Like all our programs, this Tier 2 Course will help you apply the trading strategies and skills that are regularly used on Wall Street and in the Hedge Fund Industry to capitalise on a wide range of investment opportunities, ranging from Bullish to Bearish, Geared to Un-Geared, or Main Stream to Niche.  In short, if you are serious about making money on a regular basis, this course is for you!

Strategy Introduction
Introduction to an Exchange Traded Funds
Benefits and Weaknesses
Types of ETF
Selecting your ETFs - Lifting The Lid
Components in the ETF - is it what you think?
Matching Analysis to Outcomes
Three levels of risk – Market, Sector and Stock
The Solar System Model
Managing your portfolio and using stops
Managing the trade
Special Situations
Using Geared ETFs
Hedging Using ETFs
Avoiding flavour of the month - tired story
Trader Resources
Your ETF trading Plan
Tracking and analysing your shares
Module Close


Confirmation of your ability to trade and earn money from it!

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